Why DIY Mold Remediation Doesn’t Work

Why DIY Mold Remediation Doesn’t Work

January 28, 2021 Lamunyon Mold No Comments

Is DIY Mold Remediation Possible?

When you find out that your home has mold, the first thing you want to do is get rid of it by any means. Many people take the professional route, contacting a mold remediation company in their area. Then there are those who want to take matters into their own hands. There are countless reasons why a DIY mold remediation is a bad idea. Attempting a mold remediation on your own without the help of professionals can put your property at risk, as well as the safety of those who live there.

The Dangers Of A DIY Mold Remediation

As mentioned previously, there are multiple reasons why a DIY mold remediation could cause issues for you and your property. As someone who most likely does not have industry knowledge, you may turn to the internet for advice on mold remediation. Like any other content online, mold information is subject to falsehoods. The misinformation you may find online could lead you in the wrong direction when attempting your DIY mold remediation. Here are some problems that could potentially arise should you attempt this:

Exacerbating Damage:

A huge issue with DIY mold remediation attempts is the amount of misinformation that you will come across online. Understandably, you may not know how to determine whether information is correct or not. Attempting a DIY mold remediation without industry knowledge, experience, and equipment, you may accidentally leave your home worse than when you began. Without proper containment and protective gear, mold spores can become aerosolized and rapidly spread to previously unaffected areas of your home. This will cost you not only more damage to the structure of your property, but also more costly repairs in the end.

Inability To Identify The Moisture Source:

Mold does not simply sit on the surface of porous materials, rather it penetrates throughout the material. This means that in order to efficiently remove mold from a material, you must first identify and remove the source that is sustaining fungal growth. The mold will persist until the moisture source has been eradicated. A professional mold remediation service will have all the necessary tools to identify areas of your home experiencing excess moisture. This allows them to isolate the source to adequately remove it.

Personal Protective Equipment:

Keeping yourself safe and protected during a DIY mold remediation can be difficult. For one, you may not even know what protective equipment is needed. If you are not an industry professional, personal protective equipment, or PPE, can be difficult to get your hands on. PPE is essential in a professional mold remediation because it keeps technicians from inhaling mold spores and chemicals used in the remediation process.

Improper Containment, Equipment, and Cleaning Solutions:

Containment works in conjunction with PPE. It is another essential part of any professional mold remediation. Without proper containment, mold will rapidly spread throughout areas of the home that were previously unaffected. Containment is easily overlooked in many DIY mold remediation processes, because people don’t realize how important it actually is. Aside from keeping mold from spreading, it also helps to keep mold spores from aerosolizing so that you don’t accidentally inhale them.

Leave Mold Remediation To The Professionals

By attempting a DIY mold remediation, you are only prolonging the amount of time mold is present within the structure of your home. The longer you allow mold to sit, the more it spreads. A DIY mold remediation attempt will waste not only your time and money, but your energy as well. For your safety, and the integrity of your home, it is best to leave it to the mold remediation professionals.

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