What is a Crawl Space Vapor Barrier?

February 9, 2022 Lamunyon Mold No Comments

If your home is over a dirt floor crawl space, ground water seepage and water vapor emission from the dirt floor are probably among the most common moisture issues plaguing your crawl space. Keeping moisture out of your crawl space can seem like a constant and an endless battle. For Kansas homeowners, there are steps […]

Mold Misinformation Online Can Be Harmful

October 12, 2020 Lamunyon Mold No Comments

Online Searches Can Encourage Mold Misinformation When you discover mold within your home, the first thing you do is search online for solutions. What else are you supposed to do in that situation? We get it. However, what many may not realize is that in your online search, you will come across a lot of […]