Prevent Foundation Damage To Your Kansas Home

Prevent Foundation Damage To Your Kansas Home

March 31, 2021 Lamunyon Mold No Comments
Being a homeowner is fun, exciting & a great deal of responsibility. One of the main responsibilities of being a homeowner is home maintenance. As many Kansas property owners know, home maintenance can be tedious, sometimes frustrating & potentially expensive depending on the damage. However, in order to ensure a safe, healthy & comfortable living environment for you and your family, it is a necessity.

Whether it be foundation damage & cracks or unexpected water intrusion, it is important for Kansas homeowners to be prepared for any potential issues that could be impacting their properties & foundations. Staying vigilant & aware of the condition your home’s foundation is in can help you detect damage early on which, paired with ongoing foundation maintenance, can save you a great deal of stress, time & money in the long run. This will help you to minimize the risk of severe, long term damage that could lead to costly, tedious repairs.

Potential Dangers Of Foundation Damage

Your Kansas home is subject to a variety of environmental stressors that could potentially lead to foundation damage & issues if homeowners are not diligent. From extreme temperatures, to heavy rainfall, to expanding & contracting soil – all these factors can have an effect on the condition of your home’s foundation. Issues such as leakage & water intrusion through the foundation walls into your basement or crawl space should be addressed immediately to protect your home, minimize damage & prevent further costly repairs.

It’s important for Kansas homeowners to regularly monitor the condition of your foundation walls, both from the interior & exterior of your home. Assess the surrounding environment for signs of problems or conditions that could pose a potential threat to your foundation. Staying aware of the state your home’s foundation is in can help you to detect issues in an early stage. Minor foundation repairs can often be quick and inexpensive. However, issues can arise when homeowners allow foundation damage to occur without them noticing. Diligently monitoring the condition of your home’s foundation can protect issues from causing widespread, extreme damage. However, there are some instances where the homeowner doesn’t have control over the situation. Big leaks or floods will likely require professional attention in order to ensure a proper resolution. Unaddressed or inadequately addressed foundation damage can allow for water intrusion into your home, leaving you with significant damage. Overtime, this water intrusion & moisture buildup can lead to a variety of issues, including:

  • Widespread property damage
  • Diminished property value & structural integrity
  • Safety concerns, health implications & fire hazards
  • Significant mold growth, water damage & rot

Early detection & intervention is key when it comes to foundation damage & water intrusion. Kansas homeowners should be promptly addressing signs of foundation damage before issues worsen, leading to potential water damage & mold development in your home.

Foundation Damage & Indoor Mold Growth

Once moisture is able to penetrate the walls of your home’s foundation, entering through your basement or crawl space, it can be detrimental to the structure of your home if not properly dried out. While the concrete foundation walls may not be affected, nearby porous building materials can soak up moisture buildup, causing the damage to spread to additional areas. Additionally, excess moisture buildup can increase the relative humidity in your basement or crawl space. With the proper conditions in place, mold can develop in as little as 24 to 48 hours.

Excess mold development can become a severe issue if Kansas homeowners are not careful. Mold growth needs to be properly removed & the moisture source must be eradicated. Airborne mold spores can travel upwards with warmer air as it rises from your basement or crawl space into the main living space, and potentially the attic. With elevated mold spores in your crawl space or basement, your HVAC system could be cycling mold spores throughout the entirety of your home, leading to cross contamination in previously unaffected areas of the home.

If you suspect that mold has developed as a result of water intrusion via foundation damage, contact a local mold remediation company in your Kansas area to assess the damage. Lamunyon Mold’s team of professional mold remediation technicians in Kansas have the proper tools & education to thoroughly assess the condition of your home’s foundation. Our technicians are well versed in explaining how water intrusion through your foundation walls has affected your home, determining whether or not mold has developed as a result.